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Understanding Pickleball Rating Systems

Understanding Pickleball Rating Systems 

If you’ve been playing pickleball for a while, you’ve likely seen your game improve over time. You might even be considering competing against more experienced players. But how do you measure your progress and find the right competition level? 

That’s what pickleball rating systems are for! These serve as guides to pickleball players keen on figuring out where they fall on the skill level scale. Also, rating systems help them more easily find other players at a similar skill level to play against. 

Read on to learn about the different pickleball rating systems used.

How Do You Determine Your Skill Level in Pickleball?

There are several ways to figure out what your skill level is. Below, we discuss two of the most common methods for getting your pickleball rating.


The easiest method is to self-assess. In fact, this is what most players do to get their pickleball rating.

While some simply refer to themselves as Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced players, you can self-assess using the USA Pickleball Player Skill Ratings rubric as a guide. It breaks down specific skills associated with each level so you can determine where yours rank. They range from beginner (1.0) to advanced (5.0+). 

The following is a summarized and simplified version of the rubric you can find on the USA Pickleball website:

  • 1.0 - 2:0: You are new to pickleball and only familiar with the basic rules.
  • 2.5: You’ve earned a little bit of experience. Also, you can sustain a short rally with other beginners and understand the basics of keeping score. 
  • 3.0: At this level, you are already competing in tournaments. You have a good understanding of the game’s fundamentals and keeping score. You’re also starting to learn court positioning. 
  • 3.5: You can differentiate between a soft and a hard game. Strategically, you can quickly move to the non-volley zone (NVZ) when necessary. You understand basic stacking strategies. 
  • 4.0: You’re getting better at dinking, and you can hit your serves, forehands, and volleys with good control. Additionally, you can spot your opponents’ weaknesses and formulate strategies to attack them.
  • 4.5: You have excellent footwork, move well on the court with a partner and understand strategy. Your forehand is highly consistent, and you can switch up your serves' spin, speed, and power. Plus, you can block hard volleys and consistently drop them into the NVZ.
  • 5.0: You’re an excellent pickleball player. You’ve mastered the finer points of the sport and can hit all shots forehand and backhand, controlling power, direction, and spin from any part of the court. You can turn defensive shots into offensive ones. 
  • 5.5: This pickleball rating is reserved for the elite athletes of the pickleball world. Professional and semi-professional pickleball players who consistently perform at a high level (with the tournament wins to prove it) fall into this category.

USA Pickleball Tournament Player Ratings (UPTR)

The UPTR is a more formal pickleball rating system. It is widely recognized in the pickleball community and can provide a more accurate assessment of pickleball levels than self-rating. This system rates singles, doubles, and mixed doubles play separately.

Your UPTR is based on your performance in sanctioned pickleball tournaments, taking into account your win/loss ratio, as well as your opponents’ UPTR. Ratings usually range from around 1.0 (beginners) to 6.0+ (top professional players).

Recreational games, such as casual matches with your friends, are not counted in UPTR. Keep in mind that you have to be a member of USA Pickleball to play in a sanctioned tournament. 

UPTR ratings can be a two-digit or four-digit number. The two-digit number is used to determine eligibility for a tournament bracket, and the four-digit number is for seeding tournaments within a bracket.

Dynamic Universal Pickleball Ratings (DUPR)

Developed by Steve Kuhn, DUPR is a universal ranking system for pickleball players. Unlike the UPTR, the DUPR can be used by players worldwide. Unlike the UPTR, DUPR pickleball ratings factor in not just tournaments but also league and recreational play. 

You can get your DUPR rating by signing up on its website or app. Every time you enter match information and results, your rating gets automatically updated. Additionally, its algorithm factors in not just your wins and losses but also the points scored in your matches. 

DUPR pickleball ratings range from 2.00 (beginners) to 8.00+ (top professional players). 

Play Pickleball in Comfort and Style 

If you plan on playing competitively, getting your UPTR and DUPR ratings is worth it. However, if your goal for now is simply to find other players of similar skill levels to have matches with, then self-assessment will do the trick. 

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